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Subject headings: Ajax uses alphabetical listing for each subject category - we can usually find illustrations of even the most obscure items, from yacht to ship names, flags to figureheads, from Apple to Zulu, the Cayman Islands ensign to Nanny-the-Witch quickly.
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We have endeavoured to make on-site searches as painless as possible, so in addition to the normal keyword search facility, Ajaxnetphoto.com offers visitors the convenient drop-down subject category menu for rapid viewing of thumbnail and preview images.
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Image resource: The Ajaxnetphoto.com Picture Library comprises more than 100,000 original analogue photographs in the form of glass and film b+w negatives and large format prints; 35mm, 6X6cm, 6X9cm and 5X4 ins colour transparencies and colour negatives dating from 1858 to the present.The resource is gradually being digitalised. New additions are made frequently and each one is accurately identified using original caption documents and carries a unique object name. Some current material continues to be originated on film but an increasing volume is obtained with high end-digital equipment.

Image supply: Ajaxnetphoto.com normally responds to image requests in the first instance with lo-resolution sample picture files e-mailed to the client. No model releases exist for any image supplied by Ajaxnetphoto.com and clients undertake to publish all images supplied by Ajaxnetphoto.com at their own risk and agree to indemnify Ajaxnetphoto.com and its proprietors in any case of litigation arising therefrom. Hi-resolution image files will be supplied once an agreement to this condition and reproduction licence and fees is reached. Images can be supplied as hi-resolution JPEGS by electronic transmission (e-mail) or as RGB.TIFF files burned to high quality CD-R. A small charge is made for the supply the latter. All images are supplied by Ajax for mechanical print reproduction on the basis of a non exclsuive one use rights only licence. No transfer of copyright or other rights pertaining to any image supplied by Ajaxnetphoto.com or Ajax News & Feature Service will be deemed to have been made warranted guaranteed or implied by its supply by electronic or other means now known or yet to be invented or by the issue of an invoice or payment of that invoice or any other document relating to any agreed reproduction fee and or licence to reproduce.


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